Ruby Tuesday - Trams

by - 28.10.08


5 Feb 08

Red is a prolific color in this city. Everyday, I see red on buses and trams, of the old and new models.

The man in chains on the first photo has always been puzzling to me...What do you make of it?

Below, I think I featured this one before, the face of the newer trams which is more convenient to older people and for moms who have smaller kids (strollers).


8 May 04

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  1. Cool photos. They remind a bit of the trains in Boston, MA. I like how you captured the brightness of the red and made the "man" icon the center of the top photo.

  2. framing on top photo is perfect

  3. Those look so much better than what we have.

  4. I guess red is a color we're all brainwashed at young as the 'Danger' color :P

  5. love the trams in Vienna, especially the old one, although these new ones are so comfortable!

  6. I like this supermodern Tram!:)

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  7. Oh my Mirage! I love these trams! Wonder when shall my feet ever set foot on those modern trams! Love it!

    Thanks so much for droppin by my 100th post! It really means a lot to me! Malapit na November 1, ang saya saya jejeje

    God bless you and Cavite misses you! jeje


  8. The 1st one is a very cool shot! Also like the tram itself.

  9. Well, the trams and buses are painting the city red!


  10. Great composition and colors! Maybe the 'man' in the first photo is warning to stay an arms length away...or even letting people know they can't pass between the tram cars.

  11. Thank you all!

    Sherry, yeah, i think it means no passing in between! ;)