Going Around

by - 20.10.08


8 Aug 07 (at the Philippine Embassy lobby)

My photography evolves around 2 favorite subjects, a smaller world---my kids!

The bigger one would be scenes, places, interesting stuff or the people in Vienna...for 250 days now I've shown a little of the city almost everyday. Please enjoy the scenes from this part of the globe. Photos taken as early as 2002, until now.


13 Aug 2007 (at Kärtnerstrasse, the city center)

Vienna, some notable keywords about Vienna

- capital of Austria.
-divided into 23 districts
-Strauss, Mozart, Klimt, Hundertwasser
-Sacher torte
-sausage? =D

A first entry for the My World meme. See more of the world or join...click here.

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  1. The kids are cute, and I love the street scene. It is interesting how the mirrored building is across the street from one of much older architecture.

  2. Do we ever get past the world revolving around out kids...at least to some extent? You always want things to be well with them, and for them to be healthy!

    I did enjoy both pictures, and your children are so cute.

  3. You have beautiful and obviously happy kids! Love Vienna (Mozartkugeln and Sacher Torte)
    It sure is busy there! :)
    Thanks for being part of MyWorld and keep showing both - small and large!
    Cheers, Klaus

  4. cool shot G. i put mine at wordpress.

  5. Vienna looks like a very exciting city to live in and I'm looking forward to reading your future posts. ;-)

  6. That second pic is fantastic. I'd love to visit Vienna. Thanks for sharing1



  7. Cute kids! The buildings in Vienna are wonderful!

  8. Good shots. I like the way you started with your children and then out to the place where you live. Carver's Photoblog

  9. Lovely photos from your part of the world. I agree our families are an important part of our world.

  10. Thanks for the wonderful trip around your place. So very much different from my place but I do wanna share my place also to you. Great job.

  11. Love how you posted your own family world and the larger world of Vienna! Delightful combination!

  12. I think this a great start to My World Tuesday and I look forward to learning more.

  13. Hi Gizelle! I'm sure I left a comment on your last posts, including «Sad»! It seems to have vanished... ;) Lovely shot here!
    Meanwhile, Blogtrotter has a Rhapsody in Blue post!! Not many words, just the rhapsody! Enjoy!

  14. hahaha... who else would be a perfect subject in the family. what's sacher torte?

  15. Kids are most certainly an important part of our world, aren't they?!! Nice combination of pictures. Enjoyable!

  16. Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments! ID be doing my round now since its still Tuesday!

    Dong, Sacher torte is a famous cake that you need to try when you visit vienna, but get it from Sacher Hotel, they have the original ;-)

  17. Austria is among the countries I want to visit someday :) Your kids are cute!