by - 15.10.08

NO photo for today, I am just too sad to post one.

I am really nice and friendly, perhaps even too honest. I respect all people, no matter the looks, color or language. But I guess its true, no two persons could be alike, perhaps the exact opposite! For the past 6 years I befriended a lot of older people since I find them interesting and respectful. But this day is different.

Today I was walking with the kids home...I felt conscious that someone is gazing at me I pass by the bus station an older woman stood there, with eyes wide open as if her stare could melt me away. I politely said Gruß Gott!, as a greeting.

What did the old woman do? She rolled her eyes and looked away. I felt really was the first time. So I walked behind her, waiting for her to look back...she didn't---I was farther away when she did and so I asked her, 'Do you have a problem with me?' The first time I confronted somebody too.

Too funny but stupid, she was waving her hand and told off the very first person ( a local) coming her way, words that I didn't hear anymore.

I think that was her way of annoying other people. Yes, staring at foreigners like that...I was already full for the day but ironically, I even gave time to say a polite Gruß Gott and stopped to ask what's her problem. Silly me!
Sorry, I'll post one tomorrow.

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  1. She's probably pissed Jorg Haider died and is no longer around to champion her disdain for immigrants. It's too bad, really, because there's room enough in Austria and richness to be had in the country by welcoming and including non-native Austrians.

    I'm sorry you didn't post a photo today, but don't let that woman win. You do a great service to the City of Franz Josef and Maria Teresa. Don't let one bigoted Austrian get you down.

  2. I'm sorry that you had had a bad day. I guess not everyone is as friendly as we expect them to be - sometimes.

    Cheer up! Who knows someone might say something polite to you later.


  3. oh my. i hope you're feeling much better now.

  4. I totally understand you. Experienced stuff like that millions of times. One reason why i could not stay in Austria, especially Vienna :(

  5. That is sad. I'm sorry you had that experience. =(

  6. hahaha! that's a funny experience! it just so happen that you've crossed with a grumpy old lady on a very fine day. well, it happens. i guess there will always be grumpy & cranky people around somewhere. you were just unlucky you stumbled on one! hahaha! never mind, just laugh it off. am sure that old lady has more people hating her than liking her. don't let one silly grumpy character spoil your day. thing is, you're being nice & friendly. and that's all that matters. bahala sila!

    enjoy the rest of the week!

    * i haven't posted anything new yet... still busy working and trying to collate the good times!

  7. I'm sorry to hear that. There are people like that old lady everywhere. I even encountered once at my job. The old lady told me I don't know the law because I was not born in Quebec (Canada). It was her way telling me that I am not good enough to be part of Canadian society.

    Take care.