Schloß Belvedere

by - 28.5.08

tulps pots

27 April 08

To those who wonders why my last post was on Monday, here's what happened: I am always using the macbook that hubby bought me, I seldom use his because he has sensitive stuff there that I am not allowed to touch. Last Monday, I left the living room with the macbook open, when I came back I saw the little boy pouring milk on it. The keyboard got affected, till now I am using an on-screen keyboard while typing... =(


About the crow photo, there are only 3! To those who counted 3, I say you got close to if not perfect vision!

To Hilda, I explain the photos I post sometimes as comments or as next day posts, sorry about the sulpture as I haven't researched on it yet, I will soon.


Back to regular programming:

As I said I will feature the Schloss Belvedere for the following days. It is a baroque palace and is said to be the summer house of Prince Eugene of Savoy.

Turns out that that the Grand Palace not only have a majestic garden but a well maintained park identifying trees, vegetables, plants and flowers. It happened to be almost the end of spring when we came so we were still able to photograph the tulips.

Below is the facade of the Palace, in between the Palace and the flower island is a big pond which is not visible in this photo because of the low angle.


I will post photos of picture takers tomorrow...

(Pardon the harshness of this photo, I am still not used to the new camera's settings. Please click photo to enlarge.)

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  1. nice flowers... nice palace... :)

  2. May I just ask ate, which camera did you use for the second photo?


    Well, your title reminds me of the vodka which is called "Belvedere" too. Haha!

  3. Please, don't be too severe with Little Boy, he is so cute! :-)
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog, I'll think about these posts on Sunday...(usually, I don't post in weekend, though).

  4. Thanks Lino, it was.

    Kyels, All these photos of the Belvedere (not the vodka lol) were taken with the heavy canon camera =D

    I am still learning it then it broke down just after a month of having it :D tsktsk... I have to relearn tuloy...

  5. No worries Alice, a simple no playing with Daddy was it...

    Thanks for considering I spy Sunday, hope to see you! Happy weekend!

  6. Ooh, lovely photos! Great flowers!

    YIKES about the milk on your keyboard!