Lila Tulips and a girl

by - 16.5.08

alex and tulips

28 April 08

She really was so happy then, playing with the fountain's water, ran about the plaza, having photographed with a rainbow and then in front of violet tulips.

Unsere Garten (Our Garden) maintain the flower islands in the city starting from planting to watering, to weeding and later on throwing away. Click photo to see their butterfly logo.


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  1. Very beautiful shot of your little girl amidst a beautiful bed of tulips! I love the matching colors. Great creativity, G! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, and the rainbow was quite well caught!
    Don't think I would pay those 20 euro for the portrait, even if it brings St. Stephansdom on its back... ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Wunderschoen! (Or as a colleague of mine use to incorrectly, but hilariously say, "Wunderherrlich!") What a lovely young lady. Oh, and the flowers are pretty, too! ;-)

  4. Beautiful, especially when your little girl is wearing matching colors with the tulips.

    I wonder what you will be posting tomorrow..perhaps another interesting artist? :)

    Have a great Sunday!

  5. amazing view! looks so unreal. with your daughter wearing a blending color with that of the flowers!

    two thumbs up to this photo!

  6. beautiful flowers, beautiful girl in small words, gret photo! Mirage who is that cute little girl? she looks Filipino^^

    Steven Que

  7. Cool !! Her shirt and flowers are of same colour.