Mozart and Strauß at the Staatsoper

by - 22.5.08


28 April 08

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauß walking the streets of Vienna? And they're handing out flyers too! =D
Employees of the Staatsoper, dressed as 17th-18th century elites, invites passersby to visit the Staatsoper (State Opera) to enjoy classical music.

Located at the corner of Kärtnerstrasse and Opernring, you wouldn't miss it coming from trainlines U4, U2, U1 and a lot more trams and buses to the station Karlsplatz. Schedules and more info are available here (German, English, Japanese).


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  1. Great photos on your blog.
    I wish I could be there during the Euro Cup.

  2. There is a saying about Mozart and Bach, often attributed to Karl Barth:

    "When God in Heaven commands his Angels to play music for him, they always play B a c h.
    Wenn der Herr Gott im Himmel sienen Engeln Musik für ihr zu spielen, spielen sie immer B a c h.

    But when they play music just for themselves, they always play M o z a r t ."
    Aber wenn sie Musik für sich selbst spielen, Spielen sie immer M o z a r t .

  3. I find these guys rather annoying :)! I mean, NO, I DON'T want a ticket today! ... :)) you know what I mean... they make a nice addition to the general scenery thou.

  4. I've always been a big fan of classical music; especially Mozart!


  5. these photos are very much like the downtown of Budapest:)

  6. It's always fun to walk in the footsteps of great musicians.

  7. you don't have pics of the two masters up close? :P

  8. That is a beautiful building! And those guys look just perfect for it.