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28 April 08

I haven't featured any places of worship in this photoblog since I do not want to be biased about the religion each houses represent. But I am posting one today, Stephansdom because of its architecture, that of Romanesque and Gothic form dating back to 1147. The church has specifications as follows: Length: 107 m; Width: 70 m3 (I don't know how to superscript, sorry); Width (nave): 38.9 m4; Height (max): 136.7 m4. It is the Catholic mother church in the city. It is located at the very center of Vienna.

The church has been undergoing renovation, but its almost done, you'd see in the photo that one of the tower is yet to be finished. The church underwent renovation because through the years it has accumulated dirt and other forms of pollution that turned it to black (literally)...

(This photo was early last year.)

It has been a successful endeavor, now the walls are white again. Below is a miniature just beside the real church.

dani by mini

10 August 07

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  1. Nice shots of the church against the blue sky.

    About that third photo, is he the Parish Priest? :)

  2. All ggod but the first is an absolute stunner. Your thoughts about posting church images and reflcting bias actually made me stop and think. On reflection I would say, the only bias is towards your stunning images.

  3. Parish priest, indeed -:)

    Wonderful architecture. I really like the pattern in the roof. Seems quite ornate and unusual.

    Thanks for your comments over the past few days. Had a great time at the rally! ~Chuck

  4. Wow I can't believe it would get that dirty, that there was no one washing the place weekly or monthly or something. I wouldn't be worried about posting places of worship anywhere, because well with me, it isn't the religion that I'm looking at, it's the architecture. I wouldn't even think of what religion it came from. :)

  5. All these pictures are very good.
    I think it's always a good thing to reproduce a church or a place of faith. This is in my personal opinion, of course. :-)

  6. i like to see gothic chruches. in the philippines i only saw one, the steel church of san sebastian.

  7. Panaderos, Chuck: he wasn't even baptized...=D

    Babooshka, thanks, I just don't find it easy seeing the false stuff, but the architecture really is something!

    Chica, ok I'd keep that in mind, thanks!

    Pietro,that's good but for me,the faith itself should be rebuild.

    Dong,since the man behind San Sebastian is Gustave of the Eiffel Tower,no wonder!