I Spy Sunday - New Guidelines

by - 17.5.08


I spy...a Sp(y)der!

I spy a spider hanging down a low bush. There were small flowers planted near the bush that I had to be careful not to step on them.

Post about photos that you took in a spying manner. Photos of wild animals while hiding behind a tree, a bush or photoscoping a bird from afar...a couple being sweet while you hide behind the benches, photos of hidden objects that you happen to see. Photos that you need to give extra effort to just to be able to achieve a good shot...photos you think fits 'I Spy something ____'

I guess this is better than having a weekly theme so everyone can post any subject as long as it is a photo they spied on...

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  1. wow mirage! such a greaaaaaaat macro shot! No kidding! I'm not exagerating!

    By the way, when I saw your link here at Vienna Daily, I saw my name on it, I was so delighted, I even did a mild scream! Thank you so much! It really means a lot^^

  2. Thanks Steve! Do join the spying next sunday =)

    The girl below is my daughter. That's why she looks Filipino, she has 3/4 Filipino blood. ;-)

  3. Giselle, the photo is fantastic! You have changed the template, this one is good too.
    I am preparing my blogroll and I'll link Vienna Daily. Ok? :-)


  4. Spiders are so beautiful, you captured that one well. I don't believe I have an iSpy pic, but I'll see what I can do. :)

  5. It's ok "Pietro", Gizelle.
    I'm very glad!

  6. i like it that close. you can really see the hairy-like fibers on his legs.

  7. merci pour ton passage sur Evry DP.
    Une superbe photo macro, cette araignée est magnifique. Avec ces couleurs, on dirait une abeille.

    thank you for your passage on Evry DP.
    A superb macro picture, this spider is magnificent. With these colors, it looks like a bee.