I Spy Sunday - 'Seeds'

by - 11.5.08


11 April 08

Today I have no poem to accompany the photo =D

Hope everyone's doing great on a Sunday!

Today's theme: Seeds
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  1. Gorgeous! I love the colors.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Is that a flower? Looks like one of those paper lanterns.

  3. No poem necessary though they are wonderful to read. I love this shot of the purple seeds. What is it I wonder.

  4. You've chosen a very fine subject for "Spy Sunday"!

    "Louis la Vache"

  5. Very nice shot. today in US is Mother's Day---so happy day to everyone.
    The geese in my photo are wild it is the farm geese that like to attack everything. Thanks for visiting my blog. MB

  6. Spy sunday..hmm never heard of it, I'll welcome the challenge though. Great imagery! :)

  7. I never got the chance to promote it much Chica, but hope you can join us!

    MB- I remember being afraid of them and they are quite noisy too!

    Hi Louis! THanks!

    Blue Fenix, always pretty ;-)

    Thien, Thanks! I don't know either but they are growing much about at springtime!

    Jim, it is a flower which I thought at first was your National flower...I found it by the sidestreet.

    Thanks Senor! Love it too!

  8. Wow..that's really beautiful and cute too!

    Happy Mother's Day to you. Hope you will enjoy a great day with your babies :)

  9. If Chica don't know what it is I don't either but it makes me curious. I like that.

    I posted a picture of my furry mother on this Mother's Day. She was so special that we considered her part of the family.

  10. No poem required for scuh a stunning image.

  11. wow! I was shocked! I was to visit here to thank you for your comment, your welcome, and dropping by my page. But when I saw this photo, It was really a very good welcome for me here at vienna daily! Wow!

    By the way, Are you Filipino! Wow! I'm so proud of you^^ Grabe! I'll add you na sa friendly daily Photo links ko sa page jejeje uy! U really should try it with olive oil! Grabe your comment really neutralize my feeling while reading the comments on that page! (Thanks so much) Nakakahiya yung kuha ko! ANg pangit jajaja^^

    Ingat ka po jan!

    God BLess You!
    Steven Que
    Cavite Daily Photo

  12. Que lindo! I enjoy the poems but the photo alone is great, too. Happy Mother's Day

  13. nice perspective for this shot.

  14. Once again your low angle makes a lovely image. Love the technique you're using for your flowers. Happy Mother's Day.

  15. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    Steve, yes, I am from Silang, link din kita, thanks!

  16. This is so pretty, Gizelle. I love purple!