Counting Crows, Picture Taking!

by - 26.5.08

crows copy

27 April 08

How many crows can you spot? This fountain is located at the lawn of the Schloß Belvedere, a palace said to have been the summer house of Prince Eugene of Savoy. I'd be posting photos about the palace and its garden for the following days.

The palace is under renovation at the moment so only photos of its exterior is possible. We settled for outside photos as many other tourists dis, see below. I will be posting people taking photographs at the Belvedere as a second photo! ;-)

picture taking copy

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  1. What are those statues doing? I am intrigued!

  2. Very interesting fountain, but it would have been nice if you explained what the sculpture is.

  3. It seems like a spot for photographers! A haven?


    I spotted three crows or there are more?

  4. I see three crows, although the rocks sure make it look like there are more. :)

  5. i only saw three. i hope i got it right.

  6. Oh no..I only saw 2 eyes must be playing tricks on me :)

    What is the sculpture about? It looks a bit funny. It's not meant to be abstract, I hope