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vienna sightseeing

28 April 08

I chanced upon some of the buses that tour around the city.

I like the red one better though, I remember asking my husband to board one when we were in Paris because I thought its a good way to see cities without walking much no?

red bus city

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  1. I wish that our buses here in Hobart were that colourful.

  2. i also like the red one with no roof. it give you a view of high rise structure.

  3. The buses in the first picture are pretty colorful, but the second bus picture would be great for sightseeing. It looks like a half finished bus, but would be great for touring a city and easy on the feet:)

  4. I like both pictures: I'd like to make a great confortable tour of Vienna!
    For my blogroll it's ok "Gizelle", or perhaps "Mirage2g"?
    Have a nice day!

  5. The yellow buses sure would be hard to miss! They are a wonderful way to get to know a new city. Thanks for these.

  6. Colorful buses! I like the red tour bus...I rode a double-decker in London, and it suddenly rained. I refused to go down so the conductor gave me a rain coat.:D I didn't want to miss the sights (hehehe).

    Sadly, we have an overdose of buses here in Manila. Edsa is bursting with buses! They cause traffic jams most of the time.

  7. I never got to ride the buses as I often explore the city on foot.

    There are similar buses in KL to promote tourism. Unfortunately it is not that popular.

  8. Murphy, I would walk around if its not raining and am alone...

    Luna, I also don't understand why there's much buses and jeeps, in effect pa din ba colorcoding? or yung number ends dati, ano nga tawag dun?

    Sandy, I'd try one in another city soon, hope hubby allows me this time =D

  9. Pietro, go ahead with Mirage, I use it often than my real name. Thanks!

    Slim, I saw one in the movie 'The Breakup' with Vince Vaughn but I think that was in Chicago =D

    Dong, problem is when it rains, but like Luna said never mind the rain, they might give you a raincoat!

    Kris, as long as the inside is ok, the outside is fine with whatever color...I are you?