Horse sculpture

by - 5.6.08

horse statue

27 April 08

Though partly dusted, the horse still looks so grand in its whiteness.

I envy the guy in photo, I wasn't able to get a shot from the angle that he was photographing the palace.


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  1. Very interesting pictures, with nice colours and good angle!

  2. Love the angle of the first picture. The statue looks so clean considering it's been out in the elements. Do you see someone cleaning it?

    The second photo speaks to me. I love shooting photogs at work. I even run a series before.

    Happy weekend.

  3. i like the angle of the first photo. i love close up shots with background that's far from the subject.

  4. I love the angle of the first photo too. Plus, I love that magnificent white color on the horse.

    Btw, may palaro ka pa dito sa side. Naks! Sudoku!! Hahaha

  5. Thanks Pietro! I like the sky there!

    Maria, should we make another photoblog for people taking photos of people? lol. Thanks! I haven't seen someone cleaning the statues, but I'll take a photo when I do...

    Glad you like it Dong, this one wasnt so harsh unlike the others...

    Panaderos, thanks! Laro ka lang haha, I like playing Sudoku kasi! trying to beat my old records hehe, Gesundheit means "health."

  6. I like how clean and moss-free the statue is. I've never seen statuettes being so clean before; not here in my country. LOL!