Waking up

by - 7.5.08

white tulips

24 April 08
Hi everyone! I woke up from my slumber. Here's some fresh tulips to start with.
(I'd continue with Johanna's work tomorrow.)

Due to limited time, I won't be able to go about bloghopping.. =(
It would be appreciated to see everyone still. Sorry for this and thank you all for dropping by.

light pink

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  1. Tulips are gorgeous ... and I still like that low angle against the sky you're doing. Very nice!

  2. wow! the second photo is well shot. such beautiful flowers to start back.

  3. Beautiful tulips. I love the low angle of the first shot.

  4. These are just spectacular. This low shot you do is always a winner. The colours too are so vibrant and crisp. Astonishing work as always.

  5. Very nice shot, especially the second photo. Great colors, great details and of course, I love the blue sky as background. Naks!

    Take care, G. Masyado bang busy? :)

  6. take a deep breath...inhale, exhale!:D super busy si mommy Gizelle. love these photos...ingat!