Fountain at the back of the Belvedere

by - 2.6.08

back view and fountain

27 April 2008

I had hoped this shot would turn ok, but the harsh sun is really annoying me...*sigh* I guess I'd stick with my older Sony P&S. (Kyels this was with a 400d, which I still need to familiarize myself with).

This is the view of the palace from the middle of the lawn. Spy a crow there?


I clearly saw (and I can still see here) that the sign says don't step on the grass or at least thats what it means but the woman can't be stopped by that. See the person with a camera too?


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  1. 400D! It's not exactly that heavy and it depends on the lens that you're using. Mine's a version older than yours.


    Anyway, the first photo is nice but too overexposed (the sky). Adjusting the settings would help (I dislike scorching hot sun too when photographing) but I still like the photo nevertheless.

  2. the first photo is still beautiful even with the sun's lighting effect because the light bluish domes are really nice.

    the second photo reminds me of our kababayans but now i see it even with other nationalities.

  3. The photo is not too bad and is a good record shot of the Belvedere. I like the composition with the fountain statues in the right foreground.

  4. Schloss Belvedere was one of the sites I missed while I was in Vienna (note to self: Next time I'm in Austria, I'm not going to work so hard and will try to play and have fun instead!) Despite the frustration of the harsh light, it's a lovely photo.

    As for the tourist ignoring the Keep Off the Grass sign, she's definitely NOT Austrian!

  5. "Louis" very much likes the fountain photo!

    This shot reminds "Louis" of Vaux-le-Vicomte southeast of Paris.

    "Louis" thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.