Theme Day - Metal

by - 1.8.08

metal bird copy

Metal Ostrich.
8 February 08.

As part of a recycling project, a youth organization near our area created this big bird out of metal scraps. The bird is as tall as the tree nearby.

whole metal bird

Today is City Daily Photos' Theme Day, if you'd like click here to view thumbnails for all participants to this month's theme.

Note: Fellow City photographers I will be away and would be able to see your posts when I'm back. Thank you for the comments and visits!

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  1. Great find for this Theme Day! This birdie could have been made in Evry - France (have you seen Olivier's post today?)

  2. What in the world?!?! That is so awesome! :D

  3. Clever sculpture. Love recycled art ... actually I like most public art :)

  4. Well, that proves it then. Climate change is on the move when you see ostriches in Austria. Nice!

  5. Excellent! (Love the InterSpar in the background. We use to shop there and at Aldi (??), I think. Do they still have Julius Meinl shops in Vienna? I remember going into one of those once, but it was way out of my budget!)

    Happy Theme Day!


  6. nice use they put into that metal...

    great way to show it

  7. They're really creative to come up w/something like this.


  8. I think it looks great! That's a very creative way to recycle.

  9. Giselle..good choice for Theme Day!

    The ostrich looks really cool. The students are really creative.

  10. LOVE the ostrich & the photo of it. I enjoyed the beautiful architecture against the bright blue sky too.

  11. These are remarkable. Very unusual choice for the theme.

  12. This is a wonderful original choice for monthly theme!
    Nice recycled pice of art!