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red chairs

20 August 08

It was a particularly gloomy day...with hints of black clouds from midmorning. I and the kids went for a walk, a long walk since I have been looking for a certain bank located at the city center. I remember looking at the map and recognizing the street, well I didn't really bother knowing well where it is =D. The search took us circling the streets surrounding the Oper and Opernring leading to a few parks with lots of tourists and locals loitering around.

braun chairs

Both photos were taken shortly before twelve, curiously the restos seemed to be a lazy sight...Well, if I was in Italy or Spain, I'd think its just the normal siesta time for them...

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  1. I love cafes as such b/c you'd get to enjoy the lovely morning w/your cuppa while watching people walking around the streets.


  2. How strange, but very well observed by you to notice this. I do love people watching too from these places.

  3. what better thing to do than sit in a "Schanigarten" and sip a nice cup of coffee?! :)

  4. I think you took this during office hours. Wouldn't it be good to have the freedom to get your cup of joe anytime.

    I love your street photography, G, I always look forward to it.

  5. wow! i actually learned it from people. even taxi cabs, when it's siesta time. it's siesta time.