Abandoned Street?

by - 18.8.08

abandoned street

12 August 08

Nah, typical of the neighborhood where we live...Contrary to the city center filled with people until the wee hours of the morning, ours seemed to be sleepy town at 8:50 P.M.

Not complaining though, coz I think its better that way so that we get to sleep peacefully or quieter perhaps...Except if the neighbor spends a lot of time drinking and talking with his pals then you would hear them murmuring and laughing since only the wall separates you!

Admittedly, I hope to transfer somewhere where there are no sounds of little feet scurrying from our ceiling or unrecognized words of anger shouted at someone's wife.

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  1. That really looks like a very quiet street indeed... and it seems problems with noisy neighbours are universal! :-)

  2. You're blessed to live in such a quiet street, though I don't blame you for still wanting to move if you can hear your neighbors!

  3. I like the stillness of this photo b/c it reminds me of peace.


  4. That's about how bare my streets are also. Not that many houses stuck together though hehe. :)

  5. at last! i get to see some night shots now! nice one gizelle!

  6. Are you walking about in this quiet street when you took this shot?

    I hope you do find a more suitable place for you and the family to live peacefully.

  7. you're lucky to be living in such a quiet neighborhood. how i wish i could only hear sounds of kuliglig at bedtime.:D

  8. Lovely mood cast by those sodium vapor lights and pre-dark sky. Nicely captured :)

    Hope all's well with you in Vienna. Have cut way back on blog visits this summer so apologies for not having stopped by more often.

  9. Chuck, same here...Id try to be more visible...

    Luna, so true, back in P.I. I hear them or the crows of chicken, whenever I call my mom i could hear the chickens or dog barking and I miss home a lot!

    PC; I was on my way home with my youngest, since the 2 were still in germany that time (they got home yesterday btw)

    Dong, I forgot about your theme...I have posted night shots before but I do not have that much time to be out at night anymore.

  10. Chica, I love at building number 15 (9th floor of 16) of about 50! lol, but its not as close that much...

    Sebastiene, I was glad to see just this image =D

    Hilda, yes from up or down you hear something lol.

    Jm, might be true but I think its still better to have a house than an apartment on the 9th floor! =D

    Thanks for dropping by everyone!