Statues and Names

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27 July 09

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As mentioned the other day, the façade of the Naturhistorisches Museum has names and statues depicting personifications of the various continents known to Austrian science at the time - Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Above, the names on the golden plate are Alexandre der Große, G.Mercator and Julius Caesar.

Below, names of Columbus, Imanuel Kant and Vasco da Gama.

statues and names2

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  1. What a beautiful looking building. To have such statues and ornamentation on the outside, the building interior must be amazing. Do they allow photos inside?

    - Jim, not Slim

  2. Really beuatiful. I should visit ist!

  3. It is a beautiful building, and evry details are so fine.

  4. I'm familiar w/those names! I read about them before and Immanuel Kant was my topic for a research back when I was in Foundation school.

  5. these are structures that defines how great europe's civilization is that it maintained such beauty.

  6. what a beautiful facade! i will never get tired to european architecture.

  7. Great man, I'm happy to see Vasco da Gama among them :)