Red moon

by - 17.8.08

red moon

17 August 2008

Tonight I stood still from where I was when I saw the red moon as reflected on our mirror. I just had to take a photo and post it here, I have seen lots of moon, photographed them in different colors, sizes and shapes. This one is just so creepy, ironically I do not want posting creepy stuff lol...but just one.


A little later though, it changed...

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  1. Both fantastic, but the red one... wow!

  2. This is beautiful. I was outside late last night and the moon here in Washington was very orange! Love your photos!

  3. Yep, that was a spectacular celestial event. Most people here seemed to miss it even though we had nice and clear weather. There was a big party going on in town and gazing at the sky was not always a priority...

  4. Nice shots. I think I'll ask you some time to teach me how to take such photos.

    Btw, thanks again for the Photography Buddy award. I apologize for my tardiness but I've finally posted it on my blog through an entry. Thanks again. :)

  5. Really fantastic! You are so lucky!

  6. These wpuls make excellent skywtach posts. Spooky but memerising.

  7. a red moon! that is amazing! i've never seen a red moon in this part of the sky.:D thanks for sharing.