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ice cream and the girls

25 June 2008

Last June, for the meme Litratong Pinoy (a filipino group) I posted this photo for the theme 'Slender.' At the same time I sent this as an entry for the contest that has to do with street scenes in Europe...I forgot to follow the results of that contest but I do not expect this photo to win, I join simply out of fun.

Contrary to how the sun appears in this photo, Vienna's weather has been a little colder and sometimes rainy...Ice cream would be a little inappropriate so here is a pinoy dish one can always enjoy!

Menudo, which could have evolved from a dish of the same name popular in Mexico, or Spanish influenced countries.

The recipe is available here.


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  1. I like the first photo. The colors are really lively and cheery.


  2. the second pictured dish could anyways be followed by an icecream!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog today and for the comment.

    The first photo is a nice capture of street scene. It looks lively and cheerful.

    The second picture looks yummy. I makes me hungry ... ;)

  4. wow! menudo! i'll make sure i'll eat menudo tomorrow.

  5. Great photos.

    When I was working in Mexico, I used to get really good homemade Menudo.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Come visit anytime,
    Troy and Martha