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11 Aug 08

The little boy has been playing alone when sister and brother wasn't home. I would take him to the playground to keep him from getting bored but it wasnt much fun too by himself. He isnt comfortable playing with other kids...


20 August 08

Now, the two are back, still sunburned from the beach...Little boy is happy again even if he gets a lot of teasing from them! =)

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  1. Your children are definitely lovely but I've already told it to you...:-)
    And thank you so much for this nice award, I'm very proud of it! Sorry to be late to discover it...
    You wrote your children have spent a week in Germany, my daughter (the same who spent a week in Vienna) will start an Erasmus year in Heidelberg at the beginning of September. Maybe you know this town? Far from home again...

  2. Is she going to Heidelberg University? Wow, thats the oldest uni in Germany...I am not so sure but it might be at Munich's end...

    Yes, sleepless nights for moms....again...good thing there communication is easier nowadays, I remember my dad would sent pages of letters to us when I was a little girl and tell us stories of his travel plus a photo or two...he's the one who made me appreciate Europe a lot! =) My best regards!

  3. I love playing and talking to my siblings and even if one of them isn't around life doesn't seem to be the same.


  4. Nakakatuwa naman ang mga anak mo!

  5. the joy of going to the beach will always make the sunburn irrelevant. hahaha...

  6. The kids are getting cuter and cuter ...