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27 April 08
One of the many sphinxes at the Lower Belvedere. The sphinxes line up the garden and are sculpted in different positions.

Below, a view of Stephansdom's tower from the Belvedere.

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  1. That's a really nice Sphinx.


  2. beautiful! this one looks better than the original one. but this is smaller.

  3. vienna looks very enchanting. love the second photo.

  4. The juvenile in me can’t help but snigger and say “you can see her boobs”.

    I really must apologies for my disgraceful comment. I put that down to the lack of nude statues here in Tasmania. It is all kings and governors and the odd military here down here.

    Like the earlier post, I really love that second photo, by the way!

  5. ha ha ha ha
    I would appear that the Sphinx has had a "wardrobe malfunction".

    (Leave a comment at one of my blogs if you don't know the context of that comment.) :-)