UEFA faces, fans, flags

by - 14.6.08


12 June 08

Face Paint anyone? Young and old alike enjoy face painting with whichever design they like.

Recognize the colors? (Ola!)

team spain

Fans of team Spain.

Here is a list of all the participating teams with a view of their flags. =)

(click foto to enlarge)

To view more here

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  1. Ahem... I amn't very fond of football but I've been told France's team was not very efficient! I wish you a good weekend.

  2. looks like they're ready for battle. battle in the field.

  3. That's a superb portrait. I do love a sport event in town. It is so wonderful to photograph. My House is full of cartoons that my partner drew to be used on the Berlin underground, but for legal reasons can't. I am enjoying your photos of this event as a big football fan and photographer.

  4. Great shots. They show the people's passion for the sport!

  5. Very fun and colourful photos :)