Food for Which My City is Known For

by - 18.6.08


2 May 08

(Because all latest photos are saved in a server that hubby turned off already...I am posting some shots from my stock photos.)

While strolling with the kids one day, we saw this 'signs' which we thought would make people lose their way than find it =D all the more because they are not just streets but cities as well...Can you find your city?

Speaking of cities, everyone is invited to join the Food for Which My City/Town is Known For Listing.

I think this is also nice for theme day, I'd suggest it there, but for now, please try submitting your entry to the blog by following that link above. Thanks!


Wiener Schnitzel


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  1. wow! it makes me want to go out and go to brothers burger!

    i agree! this sign post will indeed make you get confused but i also noticed that the places are also far so maybe this is just a work of art and a general information of the countries direction and distance.

  2. Schnitzl! Das schmeckt! Aber nicht mit pommes frites, sondern met Reis und Gemuese and Salat.

  3. I dont know if you know but there is a fastfood hotdog chain here called wienerschnitzel (spelling?). I have had this before, the Danish variety. It's good.

  4. Even with all those signs, I'm willing to bet I'd still get lost. LOL

  5. We eat schnitzel quite a bit in our household, so I think I can give a bit thumbs up to Wien cuisine.

    I will also admit to being somewhat partial to a Viennese coffee from time to time...

  6. i think that sign post is great! Made me chuckle. It is nice to know what direction and how far various cities/countries are in relation to where you are. :)

    Food blogs are dangerous stuff!MAkes my stomach go growling whenever I see food pics!