I Spy something at the Hidden Garden

by - 8.6.08


27 April 08

Being almost at the city center, I was surprised to see that there was a big garden just beside the Belvedere. As in early times, the palace used to be situated at defence of Vienna, it must have been typical for it to be surrounded by greeneries. Now it is part of the city's 3rd district.

In 1803, Europe's first alpine garden was created in the extensive park area of Belvedere castle following a suggestion of Archduke Johann. Today, more than 4000 plants represent the diverse flora of the alpine ecosystem.

The garden is divided into two, the alpine garden and this part in photo is where lots of flowers, plants and trees are identified. It is quite a hidden refuge for tired feet and sleepy eyes. =D

It seems I spied on lots of crows at the Belvedere!

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  1. This looks like a cute Japanese garden..is the hidden garden divided into different segment perhaps, like western gardens and eastern gardens?

  2. I want that in my backyard..oh wait I don't have a backyard. LOL Great photo. :)

  3. this garden particularly the bridge has such oriental feel to it, i wonder why?

  4. There are grouped somehow Murphy_jay, there's a group of small plants producing seeds, a group of bamboo plants, cactus, and different trees.

    Chica, I only have a balcony, so I can have this same thing on a big basin lol.

    Maria, It does no? This part of the garden has herbs too and it could also be the oriental group of plants.

  5. I had the same observation as Photo Cache. That nice little bridge reminds me of a Japanese garden.

  6. It just looks so peaceful and so beautifully photographed.