Fußball Europa Meisterschaft

by - 13.6.08

oesterreich fans nur 5personen im city center

12 June 08

The photos for this series is courtesy of Harold Khan a.k.a. "Hubby" =D. A month ago, the heavy camera broke down and we had it repaired, today hubby got it back from the shop and had sample shots before going home.

Dong, pardon the interruption, I'd have to post the zoo photos later.

The match for June 12; Austria versus Poland. At the city center, fans of all the teams did enjoy having to dance and cheer for their team. Hubby said, the fans of the Austrian team were outnumbered, he in fact saw 4-5 persons there, 4 of them are in the above photo.

The two teams carry the same colors, red and white..following the same design as their flags.


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  1. Great pictures. It's wonderful to see that the fans of different teams can have a good time together and not have it get out of hand. Love the chocolate sign in the background.

  2. I like the photos! Especially the first one.


  3. What "Louis" found interesting in this photo was the sign in the background for the CHOCOLATE!

    "Louis" thanks you for your visit to San Francisco Bay Daily Photo!

  4. no problem. these are also nice shots. the colors really catches the eye.

  5. Do u know why the Austrian fans are outnumbered? Coz it's too early for their game. 1st game is Croatia-Germany. The 2nd pic are Croatians (the clue is the checkered jersey and the flag). It was really difficult to differentiate Austria and Poland coz one is red-white-red & the other is white-red.

    I told Harold to take a lot of photos(and he said he already did) coz I will be checking them on ur blog (which I love, btw). Again, thx for the Panini stickers. :P

  6. The fans must be really excited about this big event..

  7. wow mirage! Great Shots! I really like the enthusiasm of the fans here! As I read the post, I said, Oh my, How about their common colors? jajaja Glad that Malta is not a competitor or else there would be three red and white teams^^

    I'll vote for you on blogger's choice^^ Please vote for me too if you like^^

    Mabuhay and God Bless!


  8. Slim, police were there to control the crowd somehow, though it was really nice that despite the noise, no harm or anything like that happened.

  9. Thanks Kyels, Is it because of the chocolates too? =D

    Louis, just now I noticed too that the chocolate sign is in red and white! =D

  10. Dong, we Pinoys are really basketball fans, one reason aside from me having no chance of watching the games live. As my friend Mayla here said, it isn't so good an idea to bring the kids with me.

    Mayla!!! lol, thanks for that, from Harold's photos, I saw mostly Polska written on tshirts and schals of Poland fans...So this must be why there is nothing written on those fans, cause they are fans of Croatia...so there reallly are 3 white and red teams!

  11. Denmark also has red and white..lol. I have to check on th facts first...=D

  12. Ah yes they are murphy_jay, the fever is everywhere...

    Steve, I have to check first which teams got red and white =D Thanks for the vote...I'd vote you too!

  13. It is so good to see how these fans can be so supportive together. In many ways it is a good that England did not make this championship,so our hooligan fans have no reason to go tho Austrian and be destructive.

  14. lol babooshka, a friend said a match between germany anf austria would be the same...it would not be a peaceful event. =D

  15. :) Croats are on the 2nd photo :), I know I live here and my city is all checkered!!!


  16. bsilvia, yes thank you, another commenter Mayla pointed that out too, sorry I forgot to correct it, thanks for visiting!