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villa front

29 May 08

Before I continue with the Schloss Belvedere series, I would interrupt it for a few photos of the Hermesvilla. A villa constructed as a gift of Kaiser (Emperor) Franz Joseph for his empress, Elisabeth, in the year 1886. It was built ala country manor-house style. The interior has been decorated by Hans Makart, said to have been an important influence to fellow artist, Gustav Klimt.

The villa is situated at the heart of the Lainzer Tiergarten (zoo), a 15 minute walk from the entrance. Today, the villa has been rebuilt as a museum, housing memorabilias of Empress Elizabeth.

(This photo is courtesy of Wikipedia)

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  1. wow! such great view from the outside and what more when you get inside. what's good here is that the structure was well maintained. i hope they will do the same in the philippines.

  2. It's definitely a dream to be staying there!


  3. Oo nga Kyels it is! =D

    Dong, its a waste that the government lets historical landmarks rot to nothingness, mali talaga ang priority minsan.

  4. Hi Gizelle! Back home and profiting from the Portugal’s Day holiday, I’m trying to catch up your posts. The Belvedere series is gorgeous; the Hidden Garden is a great shot, and the Hermesvilla (a place I don't remember to have been to, surprise... ;)) looks great!
    Thanks also for your comments at Blogtrotter, which has now landed in Santiago de Compostela, Spain!
    Hope you enjoy, and have a nice rest of the week!

  5. Sometimes I cant tell were I have seen those buildings here too.

  6. lucky women who has men build them grand villas and palaces.

    this is really beautiful. is it open to the public?

  7. Gil, it was my first time to see the Villa because you still have to walk far from the entrance...whenever I go there I only see the animals and the grasses lol.

    We went there on a kindergarten trip thank goodness, otherwise I do not know when is the chance that I'd see it.

    Maria, The architecture of the era is perhaps the same in all europe that time...Sorry I havent gone bloghopping lately but I will now =D thanks for dropping by...

  8. Hi Maria (photo cache this time)...the manor is now a museum, too bad we didnt have the time to get in, one of these days and I'd cme back and hopefully get photos of the interior...

    Would be happy if hubby buys a mini-house for me lol!

  9. This is such a beautiful palace. I wonder how many rooms this palace has. Very nice. :)