Germany - Austria Fans before the Game

by - 17.6.08


16 June 08
(Photo by hubby)

There's no coup 'd etat! If you do not know that there is a football match between Germany and Austria, you might wonder why are the German and Austrian flags being raised like that in the midst of the people.

The fans gather in front of Stephansdom before a match. Cheering and chants could be heard a fews streets away. Its ok really 'cause its outside and in the open, however, while I was inside McDonald's (Singerstrasse) waiting for my takeout order of french fries, a tall German guy was blowing his whistle followed with a loud shout of 'Deutschland.' No personnel nor customer dared to tell him to stop and it was really annoying. To think that the place has a small reception and cashier area (dining is on the lower floor), the whistle echoed really harsh. There were kids (including my daughter) and a baby in the lines, and you would sense that everyone (except for himself and his friends) are annoyed, but they could only shake their head in disagreement to the noise.

At one point, a friend also told me that magazine pages were torn and scattered at one of the train's floors...not typically a Vienna scene.... =(

deutschland-oesterreich game
(photo, mine)

So far, there are no reports of violence happening between the fans. A significant number of police officers were dispatched in this area as well as the Praterstern and at the Stadium as well.

Alice, I am no fan either, I love basketball better lol. I think France is playing in another set so I haven't seen them yet.

Babooshka, I'd tell hubby about your comments, I'm sure he'd appreciate that. England here or not, Hooligans are still around. =D

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  1. I came to see what wonderful images you had today, and had to laugh when I read my name in your post. It is sad when these sporting occasions are hijacked by hooligans. I adore the image you have of two teams, two flags, two countries, but no pun intended one goal, the game.

    I am supporting Austria tonight, even though I am huge Ballack fan. He is a fantastic player. Tonight I hope to do a Vienese Waltz.

  2. Those with memories of World War II might be disturbed at first by the image of the German and Austrian flags together amongst a mob of people - but that is a GERMAN flag, NOT a NAZI flag!

    Speaking of flags, Saturday was Flag Day in the U.S.

    Re your comment about using some of his Vespa shots - feel free to do so!

    "Louis" thanks you for visiting!

  3. yesterday someone just mentioned that there was european soccer championships going on. it must be a mad mad world out there right now. go down a cool one for me. hope your team wins/won?

  4. Looks like you and your hubby were brave to go out and get the pics. I wouldnt want to be in the middle of the crowds.

  5. jim, it was only him who went there in the middle, I was just on the side, on a bench zooming in the camera lol.

    Maria, it is, I happened to be there because I brought an important something to hubby, otherwise I would rather stay at home.

  6. Too bad they lost Babooshka, I didnt see the game, a friend said they

    Louis, yeah, remember that it started in Austria when H conquered Germany...well, its just a game nothing to worry about, thanks for allowing me to use the photo...

  7. looks like they're all ready to fight. my friend in amsterdam also shared his experience of the fans there.

    people watching television with drums!!!

  8. Your hubby made a nice image of the crowd with the flags and upraised arms. :))