Gardeners at Work

by - 8.6.08


6 May 08

(Today's photos are brought to you by a Sony Ericsson W580i.)

A team of gardeners planting and beautifying the flower islands. This was at noon at exactly 12:49 on a not so sunny day so there was no trace of the harsh sun. Their pick up truck can be seen parked there, at first loaded with fresh plants, afterwards loaded with dead plants or mowed down grasses.


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  1. Nice city scene. :) In the first photo, I couldn't help but notice a sign that said GLASEREI. Is that equivalent to "Glassware" in English? Thanks.

  2. It is good to see the green areas in our urban sprawls.

  3. So these are the unsung heroes who keep the area green, fresh and beautiful!

  4. Panaderos, You got good eyes =D I can' exactly say what it is in english, but it perhaps translate to glassware as it is a glass shop, they sell artwork made of glasses (quite expensive!) they make frames for your photos, specially-made furnitures out of glass, more of the pasadya type of shop...Thanks po!

  5. True Babooshka, not all just buildings and walls...

  6. Yes've been here, were there flowers or snow when you visited?