Sky Watch Friday - At the Science Museum

by - 31.7.08

sky watch 3107

27 July 08

Still at the Naturhistorisches Museum...a perfect day for Skywatch with a view of great architecture. Above photo is the right edge and below is the left side of the museum.

I will be away for a week but I will try to auto post for the coming days. I almost forgot its theme day tomorrow! Happy weekend everyone!

sky watch 3107b


For more wonderful sky photos around the world, visit:

Special note:
Ody, I posted a photo of the landstrasse mural kasi kalat ang histura lol.
Panaderos, di na uso tabo...naked sa donau na haha.
Dong, it is! even the surrounding, neatly swept talaga araw araw.
Kyels, come with your mom and enjoy Vienna too.
Babooshka, I am merely showing off what beauty this city has, a chunk of reality so to speak...lets enjoy!

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  1. Wow, the mix of the great architecture and the sky is just awesome! Nice shots!

    Hope you can hop by my SWF photos in these blogs:
    Jenn Was Here
    Shutter Happenings

    Thanks! Happy Friday!

  2. So beautiful. the sky and the architecture! Happy skywatch to you...

  3. I think my previous comment is lying out there in cyberspace, so I'll try again:

    I love photographs where architecture is the subject and espeecially liked the first photo and how you turned it that way. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Perfect photos. The serene sky makes a lovely background for the beautiful architecture of the building. I love the angle in the first shot as well. Very nice post.

  5. The architecture against the sky is just beautiful. Happy SWF and a wonderful weekend to you!

  6. great landscaping along with a beautiful sky (:

  7. lovely clouds, G...not to mention the beautiful architecture.

  8. great shoots have nice weekend

  9. A charming building and a great Sky Watch.. love the post above this as well

  10. Beautiful photos of the sky and it'd be excellent if the colors were darker ( the blue ). And I am sure one day my mom and I will go there!


    Happy Weekend G!

  11. WOW! Excellent! There it is, Vasco da Gama again :)

  12. oh this is a nice shot sis!! anggaling mo tlga :)