Belvedere Gardens (series)

by - 6.9.11

I unearthed a 2008 archive folder of the Belvedere Palace which I also featured for a short time that year. I think I wasn't able to show everything that needs to be shown back then. This is the gate that leads to the back of the palace. Two lions guarding a plaque and crown just over the top of the black rails designed intricately. A closer look at the lion will show that it is smiling rather than growling. :D

Belvedere Palace
Prinz-Eugen-Straße 27 
1030 Vienna

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  1. the gate is very tasteful. i like it. i have also dug up some photos from a few years ago that i haven't blogged yet.

    leave me a msg on fb. i check it every day.

  2. nice gate, and yeah the lion was smiling hehe. Anyway, following you here sis via GFC as Kat. Hope you could follow me back.

  3. I love the gate. It looks intricate... fit for royalty!

  4. Ohh, I love the design of the gate. So intricate, strong and beautiful. Aliw ng lion, naka-smile nga. Maybe he's thinking "Heh, you can't pass this gate!"

  5. Very nice! Who lived in the palace, by the way?
    such a great design!

  6. the gate is so nicely done, i love its color, the crown on top + the amusing smiling lions that guard its sides :)