Naturhistorisches Museum - Maria Theresian Platz

by - 30.7.08

maria theresian

27 July 08

Needless to say, Vienna boasts of architectural pride as its European counterparts. It is a great effort by the government to have preserved buildings of old and opened them as museums to the public...if they are not actually built as museums.
Here is the back of the Naturhistorisches Museum (Science) situated at Vienna's Ringstrasse and is frequented by tourists, famous for its extensive preserved and stuffed animal collection.
The museum was built in 1819 along with a vast garden (Maria Theresien Platz) and another building identical to it which is the Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art). The façade of the Naturhistorisches Museum has names and statues depicting personifications of the various continents known to Austrian science at the time - Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.


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  1. Just found this blog on "Around the World Daily Photos". Very nice to see daily photos of my hometown Vienna. Live in Ireland now. Keep going! :)

  2. Hi Symone, do feel free to browse around and check if I write something wrong...I am not a native but I live this city is my home now. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I'm not surprised now why my mom wants to visit Vienna one day ( she's a busy woman! ) b/c of its architecture and scenery. I've to say that Vienna's a beautiful place!


  4. You do make it look like a must see place. I too am not a native of the town I photograph. Sometimes it's better that way as you see things that others might take for granted, like this impressive building.

  5. the structure looks so old but well maintained.

  6. Simply because of its magnificent architecture, I'd love to go visit Vienna someday.

    Makapaligo man lang ako sa Danube na may dalang sabon (Perla) at plastic na tabo, ok na ko. :D