Legal Graffiti

by - 29.7.08


16 June 08

I enjoy graffiti at times, especially those that I see on train tracks. At some points though they can be an eyesore. Especially if they are not artistically done (?) ;-)

To prevent too much graffiti eating the walls of the city, the government proposed paintings on the walls of the underground. This one is on the newly furnished Praterstern station which used to be the dirtiest and smelliest station (that I hate going to). It used to be frequented by drunkards and beggars, but now seems to be the cleanliest...

See other graffiti on the train tracks here.

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  1. Now that's pretty and whimsical. :) I hope it stays that way for a long time. (You just know it won't here in MM!)

  2. its pretty and as what hilda said quite whimsical. Wow and to think this was used to be a dirty place?

  3. Hopefully too Hilda...I'm looking forward to people leaving it as is.

    Layrayski, it uderwent a total renovation, and also a new trainline, (perhaps it started 3 years ago) this new trainline was opened for the Football Championships. Before, the smell of pee is dominant and the walls where mere cement without paint plus seeing also people holding a can or bottle of beer with unruly hair is not a pleasant totally changed now, I'd post more as soon as I find them in my archives...Thanks for dropping by.

  4. That is a beautiful one! Very unique and creative.


  5. I guess when it is done legally like this it's art, not graffiti. I like it for its whimsicality too.

  6. It looks good. But Vienna's underground is generally good or so so?

  7. Kyels, musta? OO maganda ang paintings (Hope you understood that).

    Slim, yep, wall paintings indeed!

    Pietro, Vienna's underground is generally very good (except for the old Praterstern station), there have been lot of renovations too so I'd say its better than very good...I posted most of the underground in the month of March =)

  8. where is this in Vienna? which station? looks cool!

  9. I love the paintings at the murals at the Praterstern station. They're much more nicer than the ones at Landstrasse.

    At the Wien Mitte S-bahn station there's graffiti that reads "Wien, 2. Bezirk, Prater" (Vienna, 2nd district, Prater) and my friend and I were like, "na und?" So pointless, wala man lang statement. Haha