Albertina, up and below

by - 2.7.08

mezzanine resto

23 June 2008

At the side of the museum is a restaurant where seats are arranged outside the mezzanine patio for diners to enjoy the sun. I say this was quite an artistic addition to the appeal of the museum.

Below is a sidestreet as seen from above.


(apologies for fotos, again, are from my phone camera)

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  1. I love this area :) Beautiful Pictures, can't wait to visit home in late summer this year!

  2. "Louis" is buried deeper than his cowbell in a work project for the next several weeks. He will stop and visit, but may not stay long enough to 'sign the guest registry'.

  3. there goes those bikes again! looks like i really need to spend more time with my bike.

  4. I like the two very different views. Overhead angles can vbe very interesting and certainly give you a different perspective.

    Vienna looks like one of the cleanest cities, or is that just your images? Always a pleasure to stop by.

  5. Vienna does look inordinately clean for a large major city. I wish my city looked as clean.

  6. Vienna is blessed with a talented photographer in you.