Poor doggie

by - 12.7.08


10 July 2008

Tuesday I posted about the dog sign around the area and Thursday this is what I saw, it was the same sign I took a photo of. The kids were like, "Oh mama what happened?" And I just don't know what to say, even though its just a sign it isn't a good example to kids for other people to just break them like that. (Just being unhappy and griping on my part).

While below is a container of plastics. With play of words, the sign says "Nimm ein sackerl für mein gackerl." (Take a sack for my poops.)


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  1. Obviously, somebody is angry about having to pick up after their dog. That's too bad.

  2. May mga pasaway din pala jan 'no? Dog owners should always bring a bag when they take their dogs for a walk.

  3. Grabe, your city makes it easy na nga to clean up after your pet—providing bags and all—but this still happens? Sigh… so sad talaga.

  4. The dog poo is really a big problem in Vienna and I think that this initiative is really a good one. In the US, everybody takes a small bag when going for walk with their dog and no poo on the streets...

  5. I know that would happen here too :(