Another Sculpture

by - 26.7.08


29 May 08

First, thanks to Maria for the information about yesterday's photo. The sculpture is Alfred Hrdlicka's MEMORIAL AGAINST WAR AND FASCISM (Mahnmal gegen Krieg und Faschismus, 1986).

Following this time is that of Ulrike Truger, "Zwang – Flucht – Freiheit" a sculpture dedicated to Empress Elizabeth at the Hermesvilla. The statue presents the areas of "obligation - escape - freedom" which are all being faced by the empress at the same time. These are shown by the three sides of the sculpture that stands for the ambivalence of personality, the subjects for the obligation, the coat for the escape and the wing for the freedom.

It is made of carrara marble and weighs 6,5 tons! (The kids in front are from the kindergarten, plus my daughter.)


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  1. Another wonderful sculpture in a beautiful setting, also.

  2. This is a lovely sculpture and the size is appreciated only with the children standing by. Somehow with the trees you could not tell - but it is a befitting tribute.

  3. Nice picture! Kids will always be curious!
    Julián Igue.

  4. I didn't know this! It's a great one, I must see it!

  5. Cute shot of the curious kids. :)