Belvedere Gardens (Recovered photo)

by - 26.9.11

Imagine my dismay when after visiting the Belvedere Gardens again last spring, my memory card was not cooperating. I thought it was toast as I have tried copying files from the camera straight to the PC...I tried using 3 different card readers to no avail. 

Luckily techie-hubby is around, he knows how to recover lost files from the PC's bin but I think this time, having lost them from a memory card it ain't possible. He has a lot of software that can recover files that were erased or corrupted. We managed to recover some but not all....I say I'm stilly happy that I can now post this tulip photo. 


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  1. I know that feeling. Last Saturday we attended a wedding and I am going to help the pro-photographer taking photos, when I am about to reach my destination I remember I don't have ALL the batteries with me!! Very discouraging and frustrating. ^_^


  2. However the picture was captured, it is a stunner! A beauty of a rose, a lovely garden. We've not lost anything on a card yet, but the rechargeable batteries do not seem to hold much of a charge these days. Hopefully that will be the least of our photo worries!

  3. Awesome and creative photo ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy RT ^_^

  4. I love these tulips! Well...this summer our hard drive AND our backup file of 1 year of pics burnt to a crisp, so I know the frustration:(

  5. Lucky for you, your hubby were able to retrieve some photos. I think a non-working memory card is a mom's nightmare. Imagine all the stored memories lost in those tiny little thing.

  6. Hehe.. yeah, you're lucky. now I know who to contact if I'll have problems with my files.
    Nice shot there!

  7. it really is a catastrophe to lose all those files + photos, good thing your husband managed to recover some of happened to me once, my hard drive crashed, it was really a horrible experience + i spent most of my time pining over my son's 1st year photos, it was a good thing we managed to recover all of the precious photos. i don't know what i'd do if we did not...