On CHO Cell Media: What the Advancement in Technology Has Done to Scientific Research

by - 30.9.11

I’m thankful for the many technological advances from which I benefit greatly. State-of-the-art cameras make it possible for me to pursue my hobby as a photographer. High-tech gadgets and mobile phones let me be in the loop constantly. Even when I walk the streets of Vienna, I can get in touch with friends who live miles away from me. However, these advances also made scientific researches even more complicated and bordering towards impossible. Imagine using CHO cell media in scientific procedures where the aim is to provide standardized reagents and tools for all areas of stem cell research. Do you know what CHO stands for? It is an acronym for Chinese hamster ovary. Now that’s technology for you.

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  1. Whaaat?? Hope this discovery will achieve it's objective so stem cell research could be more effective.

  2. woah! chinese hamster ovary? i must give it to the researchers, they'd really stop at nothing in the name of research + advancements, i just wish this study will be successful, all of us can benefit in the success of stem cell research...

  3. Thank you! I now know what CHO means!