How did you take the Miss Universe results?

by - 16.9.11

Beauty Pageant results always get a reaction of extremes from different nations and from individuals. We forget the cliche Beauty is in the eye of the beholder holds so true and that beauty goes beyond skin deep. Oh! Lopes' skin is in itself beautiful already!

I was a bit laughing...alright, really laughing hard when I saw this from the newspaper. It says Our Ladies are more beautiful than the "Miss Universe" - presumptuous or some sort of spoof, those who are bitter would say that. What's even more hilarious about this newspaper "insert" is readers are asked to send a photo of their neighbor, sister or friend that they find more beautiful to win a candle-light dinner for two.

And by the way, Austria didn't send in a delegate...let alone won a crown yet.

So how did you or your country took the results? That's interesting to know.

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  1. I've heard of mixed feelings about the result in Miss Universe. But I only get to watch my country's bet to the pageant and I didn't agree with her answer. I am yet to see the answers of the other finalist.

  2. Hmm.. I just watched how our candidate answered and at first I think she answered correctly but then again it seemed not right. "Imposing" that his man SHOULD love his God? not good..

  3. a lot of different reactions really surfaced on various social media as soon as the results were out, but i guess we ought to be proud that our delegate won something right? i was not able to watch the pageant, though, it was over by the time i caught wind...