Outside a Train Station

by - 20.4.10


One of the nearest train station from our place is Floridsdorf. From there it is easy to travel with the U6 line and the Schnellbahn. U6 line is the longest of all 5 lines in Vienna with 24 stops until the other end. The train going to the Vienna airport is accessible here too. Speaking of the airport, well, the flights that has been cancelled due to the volcanic ash crisis are taking longer than the passengers are willing to delay...a friend who has planned her vacation has to wait for a call from the local agency they bought the tickets from...
From the U6 line, one can also travel until Westbahnhof and from there travel to Berlin and other parts of Europe. Costs and departure information can be found at Öbb.at.

I am not sure if the trains are cancelled too but for those who are stranded, it is not a good idea to travel with taxis. :D We watched yesterday how a CNN reporter stucked in Poland took a cab from there until Berlin, the fare? 2400 Euros! :D
Anyway, the installation in the photos can be found outside the Floridsdorf station. The kids obviously enjoy being near it. In this same area, there are lots of flyers and newspapers that would be shoved at you, book bazaars are also often held here and sometimes mobile stores selling sausages, sweets, punch, souvenir items can be found here.


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  1. I love water features. This one would definitely catch my attention and the focus of my camera too.
    :-) And by the way, I wasn't planning on my shot coming out like that. Sometimes I just keep snapping and find out what I get when I get home. :-D

  2. What an interesting fountain! And I like the daffodils a couple of posts down!
    The volcano is causing a lot of problems for a lot of people! Woman at church says her husband is stuck in Europe, and she is worried whether he has enough meds...

  3. Neat looking water fountains. Great shots.

  4. Must have missed that nice place while staying three days in your city last year. Wishing you a wonderful, cloud free Wednesday.

    daily athens

  5. I would be tempted to sit on it! It looks like a chair.

  6. nice installation. do they throw coins there too?

  7. I was also going to ask the same question about throwing coins, haha! it comes natural for some to make a wish.

  8. Als Wienerin sind mir Deine Motive wohlbekannt.
    Sehe sie mir aber sehr gerne an.
    Und finde es toll, wie Du über Wien, das ja auch meine Geburtstadt ist, berichtest.
    Selbst wohne ich nur 12 km entfernt, komme aber eher selten rein.
    Nächste Woche allerdings bin ich wieder tgl drinnen, denn die Woche ist voller Termine.

    Lg von Luna

  9. I love the way the water is splashing over the rocks -- it has a surreal playful quality to it...
    I heard that some countries are beginning to lift the ban on the airlines.. It has not been a very welcomed event and caused some serious problems for many.


  10. I don't see these kind of pieces in our country. Nakakalungkot.