Still flower-skywatching!

by - 15.4.10

Sorry for the recurring theme...I still have loads of shots taken at the Wasserpark, though hopefully I'd have some other theme next week.

I haven't researched if this is part of the man-made lake created some years ago. It was when the area gets flooded that the city decided to divert the waters by excavating a channel called the Neue Donau (New Danube) creating an island in between called the Donauinsel (Danube Island). The New Danube waterway is practically an elongated (swimming) lake, technically a diluvian bed.

The main purpose of the island however is to be part of Vienna's highly sophisticated flood protection system. As the mighty river Danube crosses the town (before major extensions: passed nearby), this had constantly been a concern for hundreds of years. The first remarkable measures were taken in 1870–1875: A central bed, 280 m, was dug out, and an inundation area of 450 m was created at the river's left bank.

In 1970, a new plan was conceived and soon realized: digging an additional diluvian bed to replace the former inundation area, and throwing up the dugout in the remaining strip of land between the straightened bed (as it exists since the 19th century river training) and the newly created one, now being called Neue Donau. As an addendum, the thus created island should eventually be used for recreation. The flood control system is designed to protect from flash floods bringing up to 14,000 m3 per second (which in Vienna's history was recorded once, in 1501; the heavy 2002 flood brought 10,000 m3 per second). It includes the Danube Canal's historic Nußdorf watergate, locks on either end of New Danube, a groundwater level control system integrated into the right bank flood levee (granting appropriate conditions for the large park area Prater, once part of a wide alluvial forest zone), and the new Freudenau river plant's sluice.

The works were started in March 1972 and finished in 1988.The river plant was added from 1992 to 1998. (Wikipedia)

Nowadays, the island serves as a recreation area for both tourists and locals. In June, we have the Donauinsel fest which International artists take part in performing. The island is festive for 3 days with lots of food, rides and other activities. On usual days, it's just pretty and quiet and enjoyed by the likes of me who likes to skywatch and takes photos of flowers and the surrounding.

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  1. Interesting information. Love the beautiful scene around the lake! And the flowers in macro look delightful!

  2. Both photos are beautiful. I bet the air is fresh and smells great too.

  3. this is a very scenic park; don't apologize for showing it to us in many different spots and angles. it's a lovely lovely oasis.

    i haven't had any time to go out and photograph something. hence been showing all archives. the archives is still full of unpublished/unshown images, but i want to go and get more materials for the blog just the same.

    i am hoping this weekend it wont rain, as it had been doing 2 or 3 weekends in a row.

  4. Oh this is beautiful! My Father's family was from Vienna...

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  6. The place is so serene and beautiful! Any number of photos are really welcome :-)

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  7. Nice to see that it is because the spring. Beautiful photographs make the joy.Manuela

  8. Such delightful and lovely skies!

    Happy weekend.

  9. It is beautiful - thanks for showing different parts to us, and explaining some of the history of it. I've always wanted to visit there. Plant and Garden Blog

  10. What a nice place to hang out at and enjoy nature.

    I love the scene.

  11. Really great photos. The scenery is very restful. And your flower photo is impressive.

  12. WOW! White flowers. Perfect shot!