Wheat field

by - 11.4.10


It has been very seldom for me to formally visit an art gallery recently. Schade...

What are the chances that I'd meet one of Vienna's finest artist personally in another setting? I'm very grateful for the So schoen ist Wien Matinee that I met Asako Hosoki-san and Shingo Okazaki-san. Hosoki-san is an established musician in her own right and was very friendly enough to introduce me to Okazaki-san...a japanese painter who has been living in Vienna for 37 years, he has been a member of many different art schools and art guild in Vienna and also of UNESCO's "International Association of Art."

Wheat and corn are the recurring theme of many of Okazaki-san's paintings. In his works, one can still recognize the hint of Oriental art, combined with the aspects of Austrian art in a noteworthy way. Above photo shows a field interestingly shaded with yellow and green, both ripe and unripe grain perhaps. I browsed through the book that they showed me and also saw stills, mostly of pears, cherries (very real-looking imitations of both I'd say!) and Viennese landscapes and Austrian ruralscapes that simply stated his love for nature. In those scapes, he was very successful in his attempt to portray the world in its smallest parts.

Some of the numerous exhibitions of Okazaki-san were in Japan, Austria, Yugoslavia and Italy.


Okazaki-san (middle) with Hosoki-san (blue scarf) and Hosoki-san's mother. To see more of his works please click here.

A postcard from Okazaki-san, his own work that is. Domo Arigatou!

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  1. That is beautiful piece of art!

  2. that's a great piece .... so refreshing color..

    An Ordinary Day

  3. A beautiful piece of art and he looks like a genuine person.

  4. sheaf of golden wheat
    berries bursting with ripeness
    promise of fresh bread

    Choose some yellow:
    Wind-blown flowers