by - 12.4.10

Where I am is far from the sea, reason enough that seafoods cost a bit higher compared to neighbouring countries surrounded by water. It also follows that seafood restaurants would not be so pocket-friendly for a family of five dine-out nights. There are no beach fun to boast too.

To be near the sea, is a normal wish I have on cold and rainy days. Not only would I want to eat fresh fruits of the sea, I would also enjoy playing sand with the kids, snorkeling and boating with the purpose of taking photos. ;-) To spend a few nights on one of those wonderful Royal Caribbean resorts, especially now that spring sprung and allergies are not a welcome treat. Or maybe to go cruising carribean style!

I bet the kids would enjoy that as well, and it's a good thing that they're not seasick! I have to thank the Vienna transportation line for that! My kids are used to travelling even the farthest distance! ;)

What's so nice about cruising is not the destination itself but the experience of course in the ship itself, the journey that each cruise has to offer. Each nicknamed differently has it's own feature like the Princess Cruises, the Jewel of the Seas, the Cunard Cruises and more. Imagine an ice-skating rink while in the middle of the sea, spas and salon and fitness centers, helping you shape up a little more before landing to a carribean beach. Relax, have the best massage and best facial treatment using natural products. This could also be the best place for a change in over-all look...perhaps a haircut and the perfect glowing skin.

One other feature that caught my curiousity is the rock-wall. I've always wanted to go rock climbing and how better could it get than being in the middle of the sea, enjoying the view as you go on top. Now, I this made me excited...better go save now before the summer!

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