Weeping Sakura

by - 9.4.10

hanging cherry blossoms by the lake

They say in geography, geometry and related sciences and contexts, a direction passing by a given point is vertical if it is locally aligned with the gradient of the gravity field. In general, something that is verticle can be drawn from up to down (and down to up).

So for today's theme, vertical, I'm posting hanging cherry blossoms more commonly known as weeping sakura (shidare zakura). All in their graceful swinging by the lake! Yes, still from the Wasserpark, part of the Japanese wishful thinking I have! (Note; The other and most common/widely seen sakura is called somei yoshino.)

It's given that I admire cherry blossoms, I can't have a hanami as beautiful as the Japanese do but I always enjoy the atmosphere of cheer and excitement around me whenever I get to see these beautiful blooms.

Join us!

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  1. Beautiful weeping sakura blooms, sis! Thanks for the name. I never knew that the blooms beside the pond at our university that captivated me the other day is a sakura.

  2. The cherry blossoms are so beautiful and I love them hanging over the ducks. Happy weekend.

  3. Beautiful shots especially with the duck swimming there. We had lots of those white as well as pink ones here last month. :)


  4. It looks pretty my dear. Happy hunting...

  5. it's absolutely beautiful! your shots are simply fabulous!

  6. When we were planning on what tree to plant infront of our house we considered this, since hubs loved this tree so much, but our main req for the tree was shade we decided to go with albizia (silk tree), which is similar to the phil acacia, only shorter.

  7. Spring! My favourite time of the year. Cherry blossoms are a big feature of that, in this part of the world.

    Happy weekend Mirage.

  8. aloha,

    thanks for sharing your interpretation of the verticle them today, i like the photos of your weepinng willow

  9. Great shots and I like your “angle” on the vertical theme. Hearty congrats on the photo contest too.

  10. The blossom is so beautiful. It certainly gladdens the heart to see!