by - 5.1.11

The lake (Danube) is frozen nowadays. Too bad that I forgot to bring out my camera while passing by earlier and only shot one using my phone...but you see the white there and a road in between then white again...both frozen water....I saw a lone man skating and I would try to go with the kids soon but the cold is giving me second thoughts. :)

Since summer is long gone here is a remembrance of what transpired back then:

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  1. I can feel my knees numbing already...but looks great!
    Watery Wed here

  2. winter looks sad to me.:p
    summer is bright and colorful.

  3. lots of frozen water pictures around this time, it looks very cold here! I much prefer the summer season!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you come back soon!

  4. Its beautiful. Here in Norway its a lot of snow and frozen waters. I look forward to the spring, but still its amazing to how the nature are in change during the year.

  5. How cold does it need to freeze a lake? I imagine a hundred times more that our refrigerator's freezer.

  6. I can imagine kung gaano talaga kalamig. The lake's frozen.:D