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There are a very few festivals that I attend, mainly for the reasons why they're celebrated. One would be the Donauinselfest which is celebrated annually - in June and we have unfortunately for the past three years been absent despite hubby having done videos or illustrations for the organizers. For now, I can't find my photos so I would instead show you another fest, much smaller...that of the SPÖ. SPÖ or the Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs/The Social Democratic Party of Austria is one of the major parties in Austria, as the name describes -it is socialist and through the years has brought the country into a flourishing state that it has now...well, I think it was better before they entered the EU...(that's just my opinion).

Anyway, now and then they would organize family gatherings, youth activities around the city. For this one there were horses, rides for the kids, jump castles, grill stations and free balloons.


Sorry, I think this photos are 2-3 years old...I just dug my archives hihi.



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  1. Long name ng party. How do you pronounce this: Österreichs? Like ostrich?

    It's nice to attend festivals that are kid friendly. I am yet to find one here in the Philippines.

  2. I think that's what's nice here in Europe, the festivities are family-friendly (if there's such a term). Kids are sure to have fun. :)

  3. i wish they'd organize festivals like this in here. i will be sure to join them + tag my little man along...

    musings on meanderings

  4. kinda got lost in reading the festival names :D

    Visiting you for TT. I hope you can visit me back: Toronto International Film Festival

  5. Hard name indeed! Ang hirap siguro mag-learn ng Austrian language.. :( Nice event, sis. Simple and very family-oriented.

    Visiting for TT! I've been to a HOT AIR BALLOON FEST for the first time and I'm sharing the photos I got! :) You are welcome to visit mine!

  6. Nakaka-inggit. As in, sobra. :( Wish I could do these kind of things din.