U is for Underground (U-Bahn)

by - 4.10.11

When in Vienna, train stations can be identified by the blue U sign. I've always been confident about Vienna's transportation system, convenient, clean (save for a few with drunkards around) and with information centers all ready to help (for tourists). 

If ever you find yourself in the city, try to go around hopping from one train line to another...that's how I'm able to memorize every single train station here. hihi.

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  1. it will be very exciting to experience a train ride in a foreign place. it is a convenient way to memorize all the train station, i bet, plus it will get you quick + easy from place to place!

    i wish there were undergrounds here, too!

  2. Good to hear that Vienna has this good transportation system.. Making sure that people not familiar with the place will never get lost!