by - 7.10.11

Even though Vienna has a lot of spires in its buildings too, the name city of a hundred spires is rightfully given to another city as charming as it is, Prague.

Above is not a church but rather the City hall of Vienna, the Rathaus. We got an invitation some time ago for the Bürgermeisterfest/Mayor's Feast held here but we unfortunately wasn't able to attend --- there'd be a next time hopefully. Let's see.

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  1. Wow! That's a beautiful city hall. I bet the inside is just as magnificent. Is there a story behind the spires? I'm too lazy to search for the answer, hahaha!

  2. What's the qualification to be invited to such event? You're lucky to be invited. Hope next time you'll not pass up the opportunity. :)
    Interesting building, very intricate designs!

  3. am curious about the spires too, + how come most of the buildings have them...

    wow yet another feast...hopefully you won't pass the chance the next time you get invited :)

    musings on meanderings

  4. Bakit hindi kayo naka-attend? *CHISMOSA* Hehehe. Ang ganda ng place!