Could Stem Cell Research Produce a Cure for Cancer?

by - 1.10.11

The news of the demise of Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and former CEO, has brought the world in turmoil. It’s gotten everyone talking. In contrast, his death, which was due to pancreatic cancer, got me thinking, “If stem cell research has been perfected, without loopholes whatsoever, will a cure for all types of cancer have been discovered?” Cancer is greatly affected by abnormal cell division and differentiation. I am not an expert, but what if the application of CFC assay in measuring the frequency and proliferative ability of hematopoietic cells in preparing the stem cells for differentiation was improved and enhanced further? Will new therapies for diseases like cancer be developed? Oh, if only we were in a position to comprehend that complex research.

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  1. will all the advancements in medical research + studies, i bet a cure for cancer will loom in the horizon in the not-so-distant future. hopefully stem cell research can pave the way for it. am sure a lot of people will benefit from that + a lot of lives can be saved, too.