Mozart Statue

by - 6.10.11

Hubby's friend once ventured "I wonder if you and your family sing like the Von Trapps during your everyday dealings in Vienna."  Well, not really. :) We love to sing that's given...hubby and I are after all from the land of golden karaoke voices. Teehee. :D

Kidding aside, above is a photo I took of my daughter's class during their outdoor learning. We visited the palaces, gardens, museums, statues and streets mentioned in their history book. Learning history with a real feel...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is on the list, so we went to see his statue, it's situated at the Burggarten, behind the Hofburg Palace (the President's residence). It does pay that my daughter learns piano, when the teacher asked what the red flowers were shaped into (below photo), she readily answered; G Schlüssel (G clef).

Since you're here and we're speaking about Mozart, kindly visit our Music blog.

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  1. oh! I would love to go there! I also want my picture taken beside Mozart and show it off to my friends (show off!) Haha! Seriously, isn't it nice to live in a country rich with people who greatly influenced the world history?

  2. this is one of the attractions i'd love to see...i enjoy a bunch of Mozart's works {but I forgot the name of most of 'em :)}

    just one of the best things about living in Europe..the very rich history + culture.

  3. Makes me appreciate music more. Ngayon ko lang nakita ang statue nato of Mozart. :)